We are always on the hunt for new talent.

What skills can you bring to the table? What are your best talents? Got creds? Can we see ’em?

Reach out and let us know and why you think you would be a good fit to join our merry band. We’re not for everyone, and everyone is not for us.

Fair warning!

Wanna make some easy money?

No! This is not a scam. We just like connecting with good people. Maybe you’re a business consultant or coach or maybe you lead some kind of networking group. Whatever business you’re in, you know other business people. If anyone you work with or know needs our services, we offer a referral fee. You bring us a qualified lead and if they’re a good fit for us and vice versa, if they make the decision to work with us, you get a commission.

Go take a look at our list of services. Now, think about the people in your inner circle. Any of them want to write a book, need an editor, publisher, web team, graphics or marketing?

We have them covered. You get to send them to the best team possible to handle their needs, They will love you, and we will pay you.

Sound like a good deal? Let us know how we can help you promote us and let’s make some happy clients together.

Being a freelance writer can be rough when you’re going it on your own.

We know.

Most of us started out there. Having a team to work with is pretty cool, and we have an awesome team.
We’re looking for writers of a particular breed. You have to know how to draw out a client, get to know their voice, their ideas and have the patience to take their book, step by step, from a thought bubble to a real live book. You have to have imagination, a sense of humor and a bigger sense of humility.

Here’s a fact. You’re not the greatest writer that ever lived. Sound harsh? The reality is that no one is the greatest writer who ever lived partly because writing is subjective. One man’s masterpiece is another man’s trash. We’re really good writers, and we’re proud of our work, but we love to learn and improve. We’re not into egos and people who can’t take criticism. Our job is to write the best book for our clients we can possibly write. If this sounds like your mindset, jump in and contact us. We have a process and we expect our writers to respect that process and follow it. It’s worked for us for a lot of years and a lot of clients.

If you want to interview with us, know up front that it may be one of the most unique interviews you will ever have. There will be steps along the way. Still interested?

Fill out a form and one of us will reach out to you to get things underway.

Are you tough as nails, a member of the grammar police

…and willing to tear into a document and sail it to perfection?

Do you love Grammarly, hate misspelled words and bad punctuation?

Let’s talk!

We offer the three most prevalent types of editing:

Developmental – This means some heavy lifting. We take the work the client has sent and magically turn it into a book we can all be proud of.

Copy/line editing – Reworking some sentences, change some phrases, making things smoother, cleaner, and more concise.

Basic editing/proofreading – Just the facts – spelling, punctuation, grammar policing. You know the drill.

If you want to edit for us, contact us and we will send you our killer editing test. Our head editor will probably want to have a conversation with you and we’ll take it from there.

Cool? Fill out the form.