Traditional publishers are hard to reach.
Getting an agent feels like an impossibility.
Everyone tells you to self-publish but how?

At Ghostwriters Network, we help authors publish their books and we never take royalties.
Want to discuss your publishing needs? Talk to the boss 🙂 Never a fee to chat for 30 minutes and learn what we have to offer.

Here is some stuff to know before we chat:

Do we publish every book that’s submitted?
NO! Don’t send porno! We reserve the right to refuse to publish something we won’t be proud to have put out into the world.

If you have a manuscript that you want to be published, there is a process. First, fill out the form below on this page. We will get back to you by email within 48 hours.
The next step is to submit your synopsis, your outline, and the first 2 chapters of your book. From there we will determine if you are ready to publish with us or if we feel you need some advice, coaching, editing or development.

We will be honest with you… in a nice way. We’re writers, not meany heads.
We may ask to see the rest of the manuscript. We have non-disclosures we can send you. Believe it or not, we don’t want to steal your book. It’s really not worth the bad karma. We want you to be successful, recommend us, and come to us with every book you write.

We aren’t going to scam you into using our editing services but we will tell you if we think you need them.
If you want a book that has a chance of selling and that you can be proud to have your name on as the author, you may want to consider our advice. We give great advice when it comes to books.

So, get started.

Just Publishing 101

What you get:

  • Your individual ISBN numbers and barcodes
  • A custom book cover designed by our awesome graphics team
  • Assist in writing your back cover text so people will say, “Man! This book sounds great. I need to buy this.”
  • Help to organize your manuscript so it’s ready for print and Kindle
  • Typesetting of your manuscript
  • Set-up on Ingram Spark so your book can be printed on-demand everywhere books are sold
  • Set-up on Amazon KDP for Kindle
  • Assistance in choosing keywords and categories for your book
  • Your files sent to the printer of your choice (or use our awesome printers and get our discount pricing)
  • 30-minute call or zoom to discuss marketing concepts with one of the GWN staff members
  • Two promo graphics to announce your book is coming soon or your launch date

How much is this going to cost you?


Publishing with Frills

What you get:

Everything in the 101 plus: 

  • A 5-page custom website with a link to purchase your book on Amazon (you get the domain and hosting – we build the site)
  • One press release – expertly written about the release of your book
  • One custom-designed flyer for marketing your book on social media, in email blasts, or to print for events

How much is that gonna cost you?


Does your book need some editing before you publish it? 

We’ve got you covered.

Is your book only in your head and you need a ghostwriter to drag it out of there? 

We’re the people for the job.

What the heck is a ghostwriter?

A freelance writer without a big ego who likes to get paid for writing and doesn’t care that his or her name isn’t on the work. We love to write. We love to sit home in our jammies or hang out at the local coffee shop and JUST WRITE. We took all the classes, wrote, and wrote, and wrote until we got really good at it and now, we like to get paid well to use our skills.

Your book, your way!

We get to know you and your voice so your book sounds like… well, you. We work with you on your outline then interview you for the content chapter by chapter until we have a great business book or memoir.

  • You have an idea. You have a concept for a book but you’re not a writer.
  • You don’t possess our skills and you don’t have time to sit and sip coffee while carefully choosing just the right words.
  • Maybe you own a business and need more customers. Someone told you that blogging will help with that. But you don’t know how to blog and you’re too busy running your business to learn or actually do that every week.

We got you covered there too.

We don’t typically write or develop fiction books but on occasion, we make an exception. We will, however, convert screenplays and plays into fiction and we can help punch up your dialogue if you’re writing a play or screenplay. Just email us for more info.

Wanna know what this will cost you? Check out our pricing page here.

Want to find out more, talk to us, or just have some questions?

Talk to the head ghost – Lil Barcaski