We offer three kinds of editing:

Developmental Editing:

If you have a lot of information, have done some research on your topic or have done a lot of writing but can’t make it all make sense, developmental editing is probably what you need. You may have written thousands of words but they’re not organized. You may need to move whole sections, create a stronger outline, have a great opening chapter and find a way to close the book out and get the results you’re seeking.

We will need to see what you have thus far to give you a solid quote. We’ll know if you need this level of editing or if there’s another path to take.

Pricing starts at $2,500 and depends on the word count and level of work needed.

Line Editing:

Your manuscript is in pretty good shape but it needs a more professional touch. Some sentences may be too long or too short. Some passages may be confusing or unclear. We may need to change some passive voice to active or rearrange some paragraphs. We will get in there and tone, shape, and clean up the manuscript without changing the meaning or message of your work. We’ll just smooth out all the rougher edges and get you ready for publishing; this includes proofreading so you’ll be good to go.

Cost is by the word at $.05 cents per word (30,000 words = $1,500)

Basic Editing (proofreading)

You just want us to check spelling, grammar, capitalization, syntax, and basic punctuation. We’ll be your second set of eyes. Every book, every written document needs that second set. We’ll do our best to give you a perfect document and send you off to publishing.

Cost is by the word at $.025 cents per word (30,000 words = $750)