Are you running a large networking group, a non-profit that needs to generate some much-needed funds, or are you part of a church community that could use a quick influx of cash for a project or cause?

Make as much as $10,000 or more in less than 100 days!

Produce a compilation book with your group or business

  • No upfront costs
  • No obligation
  • No commitment.
  • Generate residual income from your royalties in perpetuity


You find the authors… we do the rest!

We work on a revenue split of upfront revenue and you never give us a dime until you have the payments from the authors. The royalties are ALWAYS yours. We provide all the contracts, promo graphics, edit all chapters, create the Amazon Best Seller campaign set up and work with the authors and producer to make that a huge success (we haven’t missed yet). We even make a book trailer for each book. The book is fully published through us at our expense.

GWN Publishing includes our extensive publishing expertise.
Full Publishing of the book includes:

Procurement of the individual ISBN number and barcode
A custom book cover designed by our highly skilled graphics team
Writing the back cover text and book description using keywords and phrases that work for the marketing plan for the book
Organization of the manuscript so it’s ready for print and Kindle
Typesetting of the manuscript using InDesign (the industry standard for excellence)
Files uploaded to producers Ingram Spark account so your book can be printed on-demand everywhere books are sold
Files uploaded to producers Amazon KDP for Kindle
Assistance in setting up the accounts (all royalties go to the producer)
Assistance in choosing best keywords and categories for the book
Assistance on how to purchase books through Ingram Spark at best pricing
How to generate reports from KDP Amazon and Ingram Spark

Here are the details:

Include up to 50 authors
(Total book word count of no more than 50,000 is recommended)

We work on a revenue split of upfront revenue that is brought in by the producer (cost of participating as an author, ads in book, boosters, all revenue collected for inclusion in the book).

Profit split:

For profit businesses: 60% to GWN – 40% to the producer – all royalties and money from the sale of books go to the producer in perpetuity.

Not-for-profit businesses: 50% to GWN – 50 % to the producer all royalties and money from the sale of books go to the producing organization in perpetuity.

Average upfront profit for producer – $10,000 +/-

Additional profits you will make:

Selling books to the authors and book sales.
Authors will usually want books to sell or giveaway. These books are great marketing tools for the participants. Typically, their business name, info, and ways to contact them are placed in their chapters.

The producer can add an upcharge to each book they sell to the authors at a greatly reduced price over retail. We show producers how to sell these books to their participants at a great discount from retail while adding a small upcharge for additional revenue to the producer of the book.

  • Potential profit from Author books sales – $2,500 – $5,000 typical average profit
  • The producer also keeps all revenue from regular retail purchases Kindle and print
  • Potential earnings for the book producer include ongoing revenue from future sales.

Add-ons you can choose for additional costs:

  • One on one coaching with authors
  • Ghostwriting of authors chapters which can be upsold
  • Book Launch parties created or training on how to create them
  • Compilation book website with author directory (particularly good for book series)
  • Discount pricing for multiple books (series)
  • Marketing assistance
  • Additional marketing print collateral