Home Depot had a great slogan – “You can do it, we can help!”

You don’t just want to write your book, you need to write it. We know how to get you there.

You have the time and the talent to write a book but you need someone to help you forge a path that gets you to the finish line.

You need someone to help you organize your thoughts, help you schedule writing time, give you some pointers and feedback, and most importantly to keep you accountable.

In other words, you need a coach. If you work with one of our expert coaches, you can have a 30,000-word business book completed in 3 months or less.

You can get that memoir written and be able to spread your message to other people like you; to tell your story so others may benefit from it.

We will get you there and can help you bring your book to the market when you’re ready.

Jump Start Coaching for Business Books: 4 Weeks

Jump Start Coaching for Memoirs: 4 Weeks

Week 1: 90 minutes with your coach

  • Discuss the tone for your book and your why for writing it.
  • Who is your avatar? Who would learn or benefit by reading your book?
  • Create a broad story arc
  • Discuss the “characters” in the story
  • Discuss timeline
  • Discuss the introduction
  • Assignment: create a timeline for the book and begin to consider your outline

Week 2: 60 minutes with your coach

  • Work on the outline of the chapters based on the story arc and timeline
  • Discuss time management issues
  • Discuss writing blocks or snags
  • Discuss settings and people involved in the story
  • Discuss the introduction
  • Assignment – Complete the outline for the book, write the introduction and send to coach 48 hours prior to the session

Week 3: 60 minutes with your coach

  • Review the outline and make any changes
  • Discuss the introduction and chapter 1
  • Begin to discuss plans for publishing and marketing the book
  • Assignment – write chapter 1 send to coach 48 hours prior to the session

Week 4: 90 minutes with your coach

  • Review chapter 1
  • Discuss and make notes for Chapters 2 and 3
  • Discuss remaining chapters and any concerns
  • Address any concerns regarding the completion of the book
  • Address any writing blocks or time management issues and how to stay accountable with the coach.
  • Assignment: Send Chapter 2 to the coach for review – continue writing.

(Additional blocks of time may be purchased at $175 an hour)

10% discount on all GN services upon completion

8 sessions: (4 – 90 minute and 4- 60-minute sessions)

We will coach you to accomplish the following:

  • Your entire book outline co-created
  • Chapter titles, table of contents
  • Your introduction
  • Writing of at least 8 chapters
  • Publishing and marketing discussed
  • Title and subtitle creation
  • Book cover concepts

Your work will be critiqued and copy edited by your coach with documented notes to follow.
You will have unlimited email access to your coach.

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