Audiobooks are more popular than ever before. Our White Glove services are designed to give you the best quality and professional products available in the audio industry.  Each project is assigned a personal producer that manages your project from start to finish. We guarantee your satisfaction and stand by our quality and customer service. 

Have you ever heard an audiobook that has horrible sound quality or even worse, a bad narrator? It takes the integrity out of the author’s hard work, not to mention, the customer may not even listen to the whole book because of the bad narration. That won’t happen when you work with our pros!

Don’t leave out a huge portion of the customer market by not providing all formats to your book.  All formats are necessary to capture the whole market.

Audiobooks are also a great tool for marketing. Once you have an audiobook produced, you can use the files to create new content to share with your networks.

The audiobook is made of individual chapters or section mp3 files; you will own these and have the right to use them as you wish for marketing purposes.  This allows you to grab a section of your audiobook and share it to your email list or social media accounts. 

You can take the Introduction or Chapter 1 mp3 from your audiobook and send it in an email list. Maybe you are doing a speaking engagement, and for getting attendants to sign up on your email list, you offer to send them a chapter or section of your audiobook; one that you may have been talking about during your speaking engagement. Mp3’s can also be sent via text message and iMessage. 

Audiobooks allow the customer to hear the information or story you want to share at their own convenience. 


Our Services:

What You Get:

  • Project management
  • Your choice of narrator to fit your desired style and performance
  • QC (quality control from manuscript to audiobook)
  • Voice over for opening and closing credits
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • File formatting
  • Uploading to a distributor ( i.e. Amazon/Audible/iTunes)


Our Self-Narration service will help guide you through the process of self narrating, including communicating with the studio you are working with.

What You Get:

  • Assign a Producer (You will be assigned an experienced producer to manage the quality and integrity of your project)
  • Find a professional recording studio in your city or town
  • Contact and vet the audio engineer that will be engineering your recording sessions
  • Convey your project and see if the studio is a good fit
  • Book the appropriate amount of time with the studio 
  • Engineering consulting (Our engineer will communicate with your outside studio throughout the recording process to ensure the engineer understands what is expected from you and us) 
  • Voice-over consultation (Up to one hour consultation for improving your voice-over)
  • Record audio
  • After the recordings are done, move to Post Production


Do you already have your audiobook recorded? Our Post Production service will get your files ready for sale to any distributor you choose.

What you get:

  • Voice over for Opening and closing credits (if needed)
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • File Formatting
  • Uploading to a distributor, ie, Amazon/Audible, iTunes


Add some flair to your audiobook with music and other add-ons

  • Write transitional music for in-between chapters and sections
  • Music scoring throughout the audiobook
  • Additional Editing
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Cover Art Re-Size for audiobook