You, Your Blog and The Ghost


Everyone knows establishing yourself as an expert in your field of business takes a few books, a handful of successful business deals, education, and time. But the real question is, how do you begin to establish yourself as an expert without these things? The answer is your blog.

Let’s say you’ve got the logo, the domain name, the social media accounts, and your website is finished. (If not, don’t sweat it. We know a guy!) These are all important details in creating a thriving business, but the simplest step that is often overlooked is the blog.

Writing a blog isn’t like writing a quick sentence or two on Twitter or Facebook. An effective blog should give your clients a regularly updated 500-750 word guide to your business expertise and build a sense of trust in your ability and knowledge that far exceeds your presence on social media.

As of July 2019, 70% of internet users read blogs. This translates roughly to 3 billion people.  But, the more important fact is, these 3 billion people are reading three times the number of blogs than emails. Before you become discouraged about that follow-up email you just sent to a new client; relax. Personal connections are important in business, but having a blog connected to your company allows people to realize that you are at the forefront of your field; paying attention to the current trends and concepts pertaining to your business.

As with most great things, a successful blog takes time; time that you could be spending making decisions and business deals. Enter the professional Ghost Writer. A Ghost Writer, who we call, The Ghost, will get to know the many essential elements of your business. Then, you and The Ghost will discuss the logistics of your blog; how frequently you want a blog posted, what aspects of your business you want to be highlighted, and what content you need to provide. Most clients will provide a long list of topics about which they would like The Ghost to explore and publish. Then, The Ghost will write a draft for approval and accept revisions as needed.

Say you are in real estate and you want your blog to list the current homes you are looking to sell. The blog might be named, “A Truly Unique Property for the Discerning Buyer”.  Within it would be the special details that the home buyers would want to know before contacting you. Or, perhaps you are a loan officer and you want your blog to list success stories from clients that have received loans through your company. The possibilities are endless.

The process is simple. One day you wake up and think, “I’ve got an idea for a blog.” All you have to do is contact The Ghost and he or she will write and publish it for you under your company’s name.

Each Ghost in the Ghostwriters Network has been verified by GWN to be an excellent and well-trained writer which lays the foundation for a tremendously successful blog. Suddenly, you are the expert, because, you not only noticed the demand for informative, personalized blog articles but also provided the outlet for this need to be met. So when someone comes to you and says, “I read your blog! It was fantastic!” All you have to say is, “I’m glad you like it,” and ask what your business can do for them.

We are the Ghost. Welcome to the Network.

Katelyn M. Stewart is a freelance writer and frontperson from the indie/rock band, The Randys.
She hasn’t been afraid of the dark in over a year.
Follow her on these social media platforms and ask her questions you think she wouldn’t know the answers to.

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