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Your Book, Your Way

We are ghosts and we like it that way.

We offer the best Ghostwriters and Full Service Publishing on the Web.

When we write a book for someone, that book has their name on it, not ours.

When we work with you, we can offer you full publishing and marketing services as well. Our marketing team will work with you to  help you promote your book.

Let us help you tell your story.

Want to talk to someone in the know ASAP? Talk to our CEO.  There is never a fee to chat for 30 minutes.

~ Lil Barcaski

Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

Everyone has a skill set. Yours might be financial planning or sales. You might be an expert on healthy cooking or marketing. Writers have a special ninja power too. They know how to write.

Do you have a story to tell? Have you had crazy life experiences? Some of those experiences can help others who need to know that somehow things get better.

Just having a story to tell doesn’t mean you have the skills to write that story in a compelling and meaningful way.

And then… there’s a pesky little thing called time. You mean to write that business book, self-help manifesto or memoir, but work, family, and life get in the way on the daily. The answer? Hire one of our top-flight, experienced, professional ghostwriters. It will be fun, it will be fast, and it will get done!

Publishing Can Be Confusing

You’ve written a book. It’s been edited and refined and is ready for publication, but how? Traditional publishers are hard to get in with and often wind up costing you money. Did you know that sometimes, if a book doesn’t sell in the big box stores, you have to pay for the ones they return? UGH.

Self-publishing is great but not simple. Where do you get an ISBN number? How do you get a book typeset? Who will do a beautiful custom designed book cover for you? Is the title good, subtitle, back cover copy? Will any of that pop and make people want to buy your book? And how does print on demand work?

You’re a writer, not a publisher. We know the answers to all those questions and we can help you with a website, landing page, marketing materials, press releases and more. And we DON’T take your royalties. Those are yours.

Other Stuff We Can Do

Our writing team writes a mean book and we know how to get that book published, but what else do you need to be successful and how can we help?

  • Should you make an audio book? Why, yes! Most books sell better as audio books and you need to have all formats, Kindle, print, and audio book. No worries, we’ve got you!
  • Your book should have a web presence preferably before it’s written. We can create a landing pageĀ  or full website and help you sign up fans and send them directly to buy your book online. We can write press releases, articles, blog posts, web content, any written material that will help you promote your book. We’re professional writers, after all, that’s what we do. And, we do it quite well.
  • Our graphics team can design your business cards, bookmarks, flyers, posters, any promotional materials you’ll need to make you and your book a success. We can create your book trailer with custom music. Our marketing and promotions department can help you build your social media presence and even work with you to arrange book tours and appearances. Your words need to be consistent. Your message needs to be clear. Your book needs to be found. We can help with that.

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